Popular Team Sports

The types of existing sports are very diverse. If you investigate sports activities that can be put into practice, you will not reach a single post to mention all the possibilities; even many of these are unknown to people. To distinguish the types of sports, common and not common, it is sufficient to focus on a series of categories that encompass all the sports practices of the world.The groups where any type of sport would become part, by sports categories, are the following: team sports, ball sports, water sports, mountain sports, adventure sports, strength sports, extreme sports, shooting sports and motorsports.

It should be noted that, over the past few years, electronic activities such as strategy video games, shooting video games, and multiplayer video games are beginning to be considered sports. Another type of popular sports, more peculiar than the usual ones, are chess and fishing.
This post cites the most well-known sports, which encompass each of these categories, as well as the meaning of these sports groups.

Team sports
Team sports are those in which two organized groups of athletes compete with each other, at the same time, to achieve a goal. Each team has the same number of players.
The most outstanding team sports are: Football, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Volleyball, American Football, Rugby and Waterpolo.

Ball sports
When the element with which a game is launched is the ball, sports arise stakes that are held either individually or as a team.
Some ball sports in which the goal is to hit it are: Golf, Baseball or Cricket, among others. Among those in which the main purpose is to score goals or score, are: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Bowling, and Hockey. They also fall within this category ball sports in which the net is necessary, such as: Tennis, Volleyball and Pinng pong, to name a few of the most important.

Water sports
Those sports that require water as a stage, whether at sea, in a river or in swimming pools, are water sports. These involve a physical activity that can be practiced underwater, over water in the water itself.
The most important water sports are: Swimming,Waterpolo, Surfing, Diving, Rowing, Bodyboarding, Windsurfing, Hydrospeed, Acrobatic Jumping, Rafting, Kitesurfing, and Canoeing.

Mountain sports
The mountain serves as a common means for so-called mountain sports. This category covers activities that can be carried out both as a competition and for simple leisure reasons.

Adventure sports
The basic characteristic that determines adventure sports is the contact of athletes with nature itself. In this case, therefore, mountain sports can also be considered adventure sports since they develop in the natural environment, such as: Climbing, Orientation, Speleology, Rápel, and Hiking.
Popular adventure sports are also developed on the water, which share a category with water sports, such as: Canoeing, Kayaking, and Hydrospeed.
The air also has its hollow for adventure sports, such as: Tyrolean, Parachute, Paragliding, and Puenting, among many others.

Strength sports
In strength sports, there is an inescapable factor such as physical strength.
Some of the most outstanding strength sports are: Weightlifting, Stone Lifting, WeightLifting, Powerlifting and Strength Athletics.

Extreme sports
In the category of extreme sports, there are sports practices that develop under climatic conditions difficult to cope, although also those that are carried out in dangerous terms, are highlighted by the complexity of the activity itself, hence the extreme sporting name.
Among the most well-known extreme sports can be cited: Canyoning, Bungee jumping, Skydiving, Skiing, River Descent,Surfing, and Parkour.

Shooting sports
Shooting sports are those where you need a weapon to develop them, whether it’s compressed air or fire. Accuracy and concentration in this type of sports are paramount factors.
In this case, the activity can be dangerous, so rigorous training for athletes is an essential resource before it is implemented.
Highlights include, among the popular shooting sports: Sports Shooting, Archery, Propeller Shot, and Olympic Shooting.

The tool to compete in motorsports are motor vehicles, although there are two distinct groups, within this category, such as: Motorsport (Single Seaters, Acceleration, GT and Rally, among other sports), and Motorcycling (Enduro, Speed Motorcycling, Trial and Motocross, to name just a few of the best known).