Chicago SportsMonster Softball Leagues

Spring Registration Now Open!

It is time to look forward to the Spring 2001 season.

With leagues expanding throughout the north side, there’s no better time to start thinking about your team and how it can compete in the new year.

With our paid umpires for all skill levels and 9 weeks of action per season, many players have joined SportsMonster to get more homers for their bucks.

Whether you have a team, a group of up to four (4), or are signing up by yourself, we’ll get you on the field for the upcoming season. SportsMonster softball is offered in three (3) skill levels:


  • Recreational: It’s all for fun here. Sure, people know how to play the game but the main focus is on getting together, hanging out, and playing some ball.At the recreational level, you’re looking at a lot more fielding errors, a possible adventure in pitching and less power hitting. But nobody’s getting all uptight because this is all for fun and comradarie.


  • Int/Comp:SportsMonster’s lesser competitive level is primarily meant for those softball players that want to hit the diamond for good times and great fun.The majority of the players understand the game but some don’t have the talent to compete at the competitive level or really are just there to have a good time without all the hastle of over-competitive people. Fielders are usually decent to good and there are a couple big boppers in the league.


  • Competitive: If you’re looking to hit against the big boys and girls, than this is the level for you. The majority of the men’s leagues will form at this level.There are few weaknesses on defense and offense and players are usually capable of hitting the long ball.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in April!