Weather Info Line

This CITIES SPORTS CONNECTION - Day-Of-Game Weather Info page is available for informational purposes only. Please keep in mind that scheduled league matches as posted on our web site may be delayed or cancelled on game day due to weather-related unplayable field conditions, last minute storms or other potential weather issues. Due to the sudden and often changing nature of our weather, we ask that you...

Please call our CSC WEATHER D.O.G. INFO LINE (612-929-9333 x3) for ALL WEATHER-RELATED INFO regarding all CITIES SPORTS CONNECTION leagues and special events. We recommend that you check our CSC WEATHER D.O.G. Info Line one hour prior to your scheduled match time on your league day.

We always do our best to play our CSC SPORTS league matches/events as scheduled. We also do our best to post update messages regarding a change in the status of a particular league/event on our CSC WEATHER D.O.G. INFO LINE if weather issues do arise. If weather issues emerge just prior to or during league play, then decisions regarding adjustments to league play may need to be made at the fields/events... Thanks for understanding! :)

Please remember: Our CSC WEATHER D.O.G. INFO LINE (612-929-9333 x3) is available to you 24-hours a day for your convenience! Feel free to check with this line anytime you like, as weather issues can certainly change throughout the course of a day here in Minnesota... :-)

Thanks again for participating with CITIES SPORTS CONNECTION... Have Fun Out There!

If you have other questions concerning game conditions or otherwise, please contact us.

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