Broomball Rules & Regulations

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  1. Each individual adult (18+ eligible) participant must print & sign his/her name on the team waiver/roster form to be eligible for participation in CitiesSportsConnection leagues & events. This form is available at all league games. Team captains are responsible for having all team members sign this waiver/roster form. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. CSC does not provide insurance for the participants of our leagues. Each player as a result of participation in the leagues assumes all liability and risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that each player obtain medical and liability insurance prior to participating in any athletic or league activity.
  2. All TEAM ROSTERS are deemed final at the end of regular season play. PLAYERS must participate in THREE (3) OR MORE MATCHES/GAMES during the regular season in order to be CONFIRMED on the team roster. ONLY CONFIRMED TEAM ROSTER PLAYERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY DURING THE POST-SEASON SCHEDULE.
  3. As a rule, each participant is allowed to be on one team roster per league/level/night. We are happy to allow people to play on more than one team/night if facility space allows and if you inform CSC prior to the start of the league season. Any player not confirmed on a team roster is not eligible to play on that team during the post-season. Any player who is confirmed on multiple rosters during the regular season MUST choose only one team to play on following the initial round of post-season play.
  4. Substitutes that have played with your team during the season are not allowed to participate in the playoffs in any of our CSC leagues (it's a basic fairness issue for all of the other teams in your league). The Honor Code is always in effect here as well. For any exceptions, please contact CSC Sports.
  5. Teams consist of coed seven (4M/2W + goalie) players on the ice at any one time (coed=max of 4 men + goalie). Teams must play with a minimum of four players on the ice. Coed teams must play a minimum of two (2) non-goalies from each gender to play seven (7) people. Coed teams may play with less than two (2) women, however, they may not play with more than four (4) men non-goalies on the rink at any time.
  6. Each team is required to have team uniforms or an identified "TEAM COLOR". Each team member needs to bring this uniform or team color shirt to each game, along with a WHITE SHIRT in case the other team uses the same color, to use for identification purposes. Ask a CSC representative or give us a call @ (612) 929-9009 for further assistance.
  7. Games consists two twenty-four minute halves with continually running time. Each team is allowed one time-out per game. The last two minutes of the game will have stop-time if the goal differential is less than three goals. Tie games remain tied, except during playoffs. All games will end with a max goal differential of 6 goals.
  8. Substitutions may occur at any dead-ball situation or on-the-fly by tagging off at the bench area. All substitutions must be announced.
  9. High stick play is NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME (this includes any player bringing their broom above their shoulders at any time during play). On a shot, the follow-through must remain at or below the waist. This is a safety issue for all players. Just remember, it's always a lot more fun if we all Keep It Clean, Keep It Fair: Let's all be Careful out there!
  10. There is no checking or intentional physical contact in CSC Broomball! Only incidental body contact is allowed. All players must play the ball and not the body at all times. Excessive roughness will result in the assessment of a penalty on the offending player.
  11. Players must use their brooms only to play the ball at all times during the match. Using your broom to block, lift, or otherwise interfere with another person's broom or holding their broom, etc. is prohibited at all times. Use your broom to play the ball. Period. :)
  12. Face-offs will start any half or overtime period. Any indeterminable situations will also result in a face-off.
  13. Drawbacks will be utilized to put the ball in play in most situations. The broom shall be used to put the ball in play. All players (except the drawer) shall remain at least 10 feet from the ball during a draw. Defense must be nearer to their own goal behind the ball. Offensive players can be stationed in front of the ball, however, the ball must be *drawn back* to initiate the play.
  14. There is no off-side rule in CSC broomball leagues.
  15. Players may use their hands and feet to stop and control the ball. You may not hand-pass the ball to a teammate. You may use your hands above your shoulders (not your broom!) to control the ball. If a player uses his/her hands to control the ball, that same player must be the next to play the ball for his/her team to avoid a violation.
  16. Intentional throwing of the broomball is prohibited. A drawback at the spot of the throw will result for the opposing team.
  17. Any ball that is sent out-of-play will be played as a draw-back by the opposing team at the nearest face-off point. If a hard-driven shot is touched by a defensive player with little or no change in direction, a face-off will result.
  18. Goalie Play: The goalie is allowed to handle the ball in or near their goal crease with their broom, feet or hands. The goalie can keep play continuous by releasing the ball sideways or backwards by hand, or by playing the ball in any direction with their broom. If the goalie freezes the ball, a draw back will be awarded for the opposing team at the top of the faceoff circle.
  19. No player, other than the designated goalie, may be inside the crease unless the ball has preceded them. A player is considered in the crease when any part of his/her body or equipment is on or over the line. A penalty shot may be awarded if the official feels that a defensive player in the crease may have stopped a good scoring opportunity. Passing through the edges of the crease is allowed if the official feels that no advantage is gained by that player.
  20. Any minor violations will result in an immediate 3-minute or major violations in an immediate 5-minute penalty, based on the severity of the infraction. A penalty shot will be awarded on a major foul or break-away situation. Playing the ball with the broom above the shoulders is a minor penalty.
  21. All goals must be scored using the broom of an offensive player, or by a defender into his/her own net. No goals may be scored by kicking or using the hands by an offensive player.
  22. Matches with a score differential of 9 or more goals at any point during the match will have the score frozen at that point and no additional scoring will be recorded. We always allow our teams to complete the time remaining in the match because our leagues are focused on participation, on playing and having a good time! We want all teams to enjoy their experience each match day. Thanks for understanding and for displaying good sportsmanship at all times!
  23. All brooms that are specifically made for broomball are legal. Excessively shortened brooms will not be permitted.
  24. Broomball shoes, tennis shoes or boots are legal for all players. No altered shoes will be allowed.
  25. Helmets, gloves, elbow pads, shin pads or knee pads are permitted & highly recommended. Goalie helmet & mask combinations are required at all times. All protective padding on all players (including goalies) must be worn under outside clothing. Goalies are allowed to use blockers but not goalie gloves.
  26. CSC provides an official game ball to all teams. Nice! It is the responsibility of each team to have a fully-functioning official game ball (either the orange outdoor Baden 332 or the orange outdoor Acacia King) at all games. CSC provides practice broomballs for all teams on each league day, so feel free to take advantage of this option to help maintain the issued team game balls if your team desires.
  27. All decisions by the official are final. Always respect the official. Be nice to the official. Bring treats for the official. They are here to have fun just like you are!
  28. Thanks again for playing with Cities Sports Connection!>/b> As always, we hope you have a blast during your league season.


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