Basketball Rules & Regulations

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  1. Each individual adult (18+ eligible) participant must print & sign his/her name on the team waiver/roster form to be eligible for participation in CitiesSportsConnection leagues & events. This form is available at all league games. Team captains are responsible for having all team members sign this waiver/roster form. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. CSC does not provide insurance for the participants of our leagues. Each player as a result of participation in the leagues assumes all liability and risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that each player obtain medical and liability insurance prior to participating in any athletic or league activity.
  2. All TEAM ROSTERS are deemed final at the end of regular season play. PLAYERS must participate in THREE (3) OR MORE MATCHES/GAMES during the regular season in order to be CONFIRMED on the team roster. ONLY CONFIRMED TEAM ROSTER PLAYERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY DURING THE POST-SEASON SCHEDULE.
  3. As a rule, each participant is allowed to be on one team roster per league/level/night. We are happy to allow people to play on more than one team/night if facility space allows and if you inform CSC prior to the start of the league season. Any player not confirmed on a team roster is not eligible to play on that team during the post-season.
  4. Substitutes that have played with your team during the season are not allowed to participate in the playoffs in any of our CSC leagues (it's a basic fairness issue for all of the other teams in your league). The Honor Code is always in effect here as well. For any exceptions, please contact CSC Sports.
  5. More than one forfeit without at least 48-hour notice will give CSC the authority to remove that team from any/all of the remaining games (including post-season). Any Forfeit will be used in a tie-breaker situation for playoff seeding. Teams want to have games, and look forward to playing. A forfeit severly lessens the team experience.
  6. Each team is required to use team uniforms or an identified team color during each game. Each team member needs to bring this uniform or team color shirt to each game, along with a white shirt in case the other team uses the same color, to use for identification purposes. Ask a CSC representative or give us a call @ (612) 929-9009 for further assistance.
  7. Standard Division I college rules (ie: Big Ten games, etc.) apply in all situations not specific to CSC league rules as outlined below:
  8. ALL DECISIONS OF THE OFFICIALS ARE FINAL!. We all know that basketball is a challenging sport to officiate, so give your refs some credit. Any questionable talk directed toward the officials will result in a warning to the player and to the team. Further abuse will earn you a technical and possible ejection, which is up to the discretion of the referee. Captains are the official team representatives and are responsible for the behavior and actions of all team players and associated individuals. Just play ball!
  9. Games consist of two twenty-minute halves with continually running time. Each team is allowed two time-outs per game. The last 30 seconds of the first half, and the last 2 minutes of the game will have stop-time. If the game remains tied, one 3 minute overtime period, with 30 seconds of stop-time will be played. Following the end of overtime, if the score is still tied, then the first team to score 4 points will be the winner. The overtime period will be 5 minutes in the post-season, followed by the first team to 5 points.
  10. Maximum of five players on the court at all times. The minimum number of players a team may compete with is four.
  11. Substitutions may occur at any dead-ball situation (a whistle). The game officials must be made aware of all substitutions.
  12. Each team is required to supply an individual to keep track of score, team fouls and other necessary information to ensure the game runs smoothly and accurately. This may be a team member or an appointed team representative.
  13. Alternate possession rule is in effect for the entire length of the contest, after the initial tip to start the game.
  14. There is no dunking allowed in CSC Basketball (snapping down of the rim). This includes before, during and after each game. A Technical Foul will be issued for any such activity. As always, you break it, you buy it!
  15. Two technical foul violations for any player is a ticket to the bench for the rest of the day. Keep it clean and have fun out there!
  16. Seven team fouls in a half earns the opponent the bonus (one-and-one free throws). The double bonus (two free throws) is in effect starting with the tenth team foul per half.
  17. All fouls are team fouls (including technicals) and not charged as individual fouls.
  18. Any individual that receives TWO technical fouls is ejected from the game and must leave the facility before the game resumes; A team that accumulates FOUR technical fouls automatically forfeits the game.
  19. Each team is responsible for the conduct of their fans (non-participating team supporters). The official has discretion in all situations. If there are any fans who are being disruptive to the officials or the opposing team, the supervisior or official have the authority to remove those people from the facility.
  20. Thanks again for playing with Cities Sports Connection! As always, we hope you have a blast during your league season!!!


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