Volleyball Rules & Regulations

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  1. Each individual adult (18+ eligible) participant must print & sign his/her name on the team waiver/roster form to be eligible for participation in CitiesSportsConnection leagues & events. This form is available at all league games. Team captains are responsible for having all team members sign this waiver/roster form. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. CSC does not provide insurance for the participants of our leagues. Each player as a result of participation in the leagues assumes all liability and risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that each player obtain medical and liability insurance prior to participating in any athletic or league activity.
  2. All TEAM ROSTERS are deemed final at the end of regular season play. PLAYERS must participate in THREE (3) OR MORE MATCHES during the regular season in order to be CONFIRMED on the team roster. ONLY CONFIRMED TEAM ROSTER PLAYERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY DURING THE POST-SEASON SCHEDULE.
  3. As a rule, each participant is allowed to be on one team roster per league/level/night. We are happy to allow people to play on more than one team/night if facility space allows and if you inform CSC prior to the start of the league season. Any player not confirmed on a team roster is not eligible to play on that team during the post-season. Any player who is confirmed on multiple rosters during the regular season MUST choose only one team to play on following the initial round of post-season play.
  4. Substitutes that have played with your team during the season are not allowed to participate in the playoffs in any of our CSC leagues (it's a basic fairness issue for all of the other teams in your league). The Honor Code is always in effect here as well. For any exceptions, please contact CSC Sports.
  5. CSC offers multiple leagues as listed: Coed 6s = 3men/3women. CSC allows teams to play with fewer than six players in order to avoid a possible forfeit. The gender balance (men v women) can never exceed a difference of one (1) at any time. Teams are allowed, however, to play with more women than men at any time. Minimum of two (2) players. Coed 4s = 2men/2women. Minimum of two (2) players with at least one woman at all times, and never more than two men at any time to avoid a forfeit. Women's 4s = Minimum of two (2) players to avoid a forfeit. Mens 4s = Minimum of two (2) players to avoid a forfeit. Coed 2s, Men's 2s, Women's 2s, Open 2s are offered in the outdoor season at our CSC Sandbox.
  6. Coed 6s: If playing with five (5) players on the court, teams are required to follow a 6-player rotation throughout the match (for serving, front row/back row positioning, substitutions, etc). A *Ghost Position* is then in effect, with all play/rule consequences, for the player missing from the standard 6-person rotation on the court. When playing with four (4) or fewer players, the server is classified as a back row player and all other players as front row players.
  7. FIVB or USA Volleyball rules in general shall govern play for females and males on the same team with the following reminders and exceptions:
  8. Each match consists of THREE rally-scoring GAMES. (a point is scored on every rally). League standings will be computed using the wins and losses from all games during the season. All games are planned to be played to 25 points (winning by two (2) or cap at 27), within an allotted match time frame. At the discretion of the official, if a match is running long or potentially going over the allotted match time limit, game cap totals will be adjusted. Each team is allotted one time out per game.
  9. Game time is forfeit time! A forfeit will be declared for game one if a team does not meet the minimum player requirements by the scheduled start time. Game two will be forfeited at :15 past scheduled start time & game three will be forfeited at :30 past scheduled start time. Two forfeits may result in loss of eligibility for the playoffs.
  10. The serving order and positions on the court at service do not have to be male and female alternated or vice-versa
  11. Rotation: Rotation occurs with each side out, and players should stay in proper order. Receiving teams must rotate at the first side out.
  12. Substitution: Teams play a full team rotation, where new players must rotate in at the same position on the court throughout the entire game. Substitution may also be front row/back row only if the same two players are involved in that substitution pattern throughout the entire game.
  13. Either overhand or underhand serves are allowed. There is no spiking, blocking or attacking of the serve.
  14. Multiple consecutive contacts are allowed on the first ball over as long as the ball is not caught or thrown or lifted in any way.
  15. The InterB and Rec levels are not allowed to jump serve.
  16. Three hits are allowed per side. Blocks do not count as hits.
  17. Back row players are not allowed to block at the net.
  18. Net serves are in play at all levels.
  19. Any contact with the net, by any player on either team, during live action, is a fault. Crossing under the net (indoor), or attacking the ball on the opposite side of the net before the offensive team has had a chance to play their three hits are violations.
  20. Improper sets and bumps will be called (carrying, double hits, etc.) at the discretion of the official.
  21. At the end of you match, please make sure a team member reports the outcome of all three games to the Cities Sports Connection representative on site. We need to record all game scores each week in order to update the league standings.
  22. Please report any problems, concerns or injuries to an on-site Cities Sports Connection representative.
  23. Thanks again for participating with CSC & have a blast playing this season!


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