League Page - WED'DAY (CSC-*fall*-indoor) coed[GOLD-6] VB

Current Standings

Team WinsLossesWin %GP
JJASET 15 9 0.625 24
Couple of misfits 14 10 0.583 24
Shenanigans 12 12 0.5 24
Witty Retort 11 13 0.458 24
Meme Girls 11 13 0.458 24
Amsterdam 9 15 0.375 24
JRM-WVBG 0 0 0 0
Junior's Mintz 0 0 0 0
CSC Fall Volleyball Info Update...!


11/22 - No Matches Scheduled *Happy Thanksgiving!*

11/29 - Final Evening of Regular Season Matches

12/6 - FIRST EVENING of POST-SEASON MATCHES (both *Playoff & *FringeFest matches) for ALL TEAMS! (Schedules tbd based on final regular season standings)

12/13 - FINAL EVENING of POST-SEASON *Playoff* MATCHES for ADVANCING TEAMS, where multiple matches will be played to determine a champ in each bracket group.
(schedules tbd based on previous week's results)

*Greetings from Cities Sports Connection - to our CSC WEDNESDAY *Fall* VOLLEYBALLERS...!

*Just a Quick Reminder: Your FULL REGULAR SEASON GAME SCHEDULE is now posted on our web site for your access 24-hrs/day... Check It Out!

Due to registration demand and facility availability schedules:
+ Teams may play matches at more than one facility partner location during the season.
+ There will be a few teams on –bye- week on certain weeks.
+ We have extended the calendar to ensure that all teams are scheduled for a full season of league matches, no worries there...!

As such, we ask that you please make sure to double-check your squad’s match time and location each week, we don’t want anyone missing out on any action during the season... :)

Post-season matches for ALL TEAMS will then be formulated & posted once regular season play has been completed for all teams...

Don't Forget about our great Sponsor-Bar partners:
+ The Corner Bar (7-Corners, Mpls)
+ JJ's Clubhouse (394 & Louisiana)

*Each location has fantastic food/drink specials just for our CSC League participants... Enjoy!

Thanks again for playing with CSC Sports, we appreciate it very much... Feel free to give us a buzz anytime if you have additional questions... Take care & Have Fun Out There!

Pat & Matt & The CSC Crew

This Week's Games
Date/Time Loc./ Field Home Away Weather
12/13/2017 7:15:00 PM
YH ACADEMY (YHA) @ NEAF, Court #1 JJASET Shenanigans Game Forecast
12/13/2017 7:15:00 PM
YH ACADEMY (YHA) @ NEAF, Court #2 Couple of misfits Witty Retort Game Forecast
12/13/2017 9:05:00 PM
YH ACADEMY (YHA) @ NEAF, Court #2 TBD TBD Game Forecast

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Last Week's Results
Date/Time Loc./ Field Game Results
12/6/2017 7:15:00 PM (SOUTH CAMPUS) M'Haha Acad-Middle School, LOWER Gym - (Ct-S) Shenanigans 1,
Witty Retort 2
Shenanigans Recap
Witty Retort Recap
12/6/2017 8:10:00 PM (SOUTH CAMPUS) M'Haha Acad-Middle School, LOWER Gym - (Ct-S) JJASET 2,
Meme Girls 1
Meme Girls Recap
12/6/2017 9:05:00 PM (SOUTH CAMPUS) M'Haha Acad-Middle School, LOWER Gym - (Ct-S) Couple of misfits 2,
Amsterdam 1
Couple of misfits Recap
Amsterdam Recap


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